Think about how much time you spend researching on the internet.

There's hours spent searching, browsing, and reading. Have you ever printed off an article only to misplace your copy later? Forget to bookmark an interesting piece and can't find it again? Want to get more information on a topic but aren't sure if what you're reading is reliable?

Our online library solves all of those problems. 

All of the resources available on the site come from trusted organizations and institutions. Add all of the articles you need to your shopping cart and have them sent to your e-mail in one link. From there, you can view, print, or download the files.

There's no keeping up with several links, no browsing twenty different websites, no confusion. 

One site. Hundreds of resources. All of it FREE OF CHARGE to you.

Here's how you do it: 

Step 1: Browse the Library


We have organized our resources based on topic collections. To view the collections, choose TOPICS from the top menu, or press the button below.


Step 2: View a Resource


Click on the image and title to read more about the resource.




Step 3: Add to Cart

If you want to add the resource to your cart, click the red button. You can add as many items to your cart as you'd like. To view additional resources, simply click on the "TOPICS" button in the top menu.




Step 4: View Your Cart


Every time you add an item to your cart, you'll have the chance to view or make changes to your selections. Once you're finished adding items, click the red CHECK OUT button.


Step 5: Check Out

Enter the e-mail address where you'll want your materials sent to, as well as your name and address. Don't worry - all of the items are 100% free and digital - click the blue CONTINUE button. 


Step 6: Check Out


Since all of our resources are free, you will not be asked to enter any payment information. Just click the blue COMPLETE ORDER button.

Step 7: Check Your E-Mail

You will receive two e-mails. The first e-mail provides your order number and the list of resources you selected. The second e-mail contains a link to view your files. Click the BLUE LINK in the second e-mail. 

Step 8: Access Your Items

When you click the link in your download e-mail - you'll be taken to your download page. Here is where you can view all of the items you've checked out!

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